Anna Guseva is a visual artist living in France. In her works she explores the themes of spiritual search, existential self-determination, perception and comprehension of death, sacred thinking. She draws inspiration from the mythopoeism of Andrey Zvyagintsev’s early films, absurdity of David Lynch’s works, early and medieval Christian art and liturgical chant. 

In 2022-2024, undergoes online education at the Academy of Documentary and Art Photography “Fotografika”. 

IG: @annagsv

Publications (2023): 

Yogurt Magazine 

Der Greif, Issue 16 

Fraction Magazine 


Safelight Paper 

Outlast Journal 

F-Stop Magazine, Open Theme  

Group exhibitions (2023): 

“Where am I, where is Russia? “, Exhibition of Emigrant Photography | Saint-Petersburg 

Pop-Up Exhibition of Women Photographers | Saint-Petersburg 

“Nothing new” | Online Exhibition

“Korzina”, Festival of Self-published Books | Moscow  

“Izdali”, Festival of Photobooks & Zines | Kaliningrad

“Razvorot”, Festival of Photobooks & Zines | Voronezh

Zine-zine Festival | Khabarovsk